These are the coolest mini-choppers we have seen! 110cc 4 stroke, 4 gears, with manual clutch. Soft tail. 65mph+ The best Custom mini-choppers available! These are the bikes that win shows, and could hold their own on ĎSky TVís Great Biker Build Offí. Each one can be customised to your requirements. I have partially removed the protective wrapping for the photos to show off the detail (hence the bubble wrap on the custom made seats etc). This bike has had the fairings removed ready for itís SVT inspection test. These will be shipped with V5 document for legal on-road use.† In stock now, choice of colours.

On the road £1495.00

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The Custom

The V-Twin Custom Beastie Bad Boy!


As above, but, with an awesome V-Twin 110cc engine! Disk brakes front and rear. Soft-tail, so you donít bust your ass on the pot-holes. This bike does kick serious ass though! It has the fattest rear tyre you have ever seen. It is so cool, you have to put it in front of the radiator before you take it out, so as not freeze your nuts on the seat! Not for the introvert, as it will always draw a crowd of admirers. In stock now, black only. This bike looks mean, sounds mean, and goes like wotsit off a stick!

On the road £1695.00